Thursday, April 20, 2006

Foxx's Problem With Brown Skin

Really good letter (thanks to Leisa for the heads-up) in this a.m.'s W-S Journal about The Madam's not-so-covert racism. We reproduce it here in toto:


I am outraged at the open bigotry of Rep. Virginia Foxx, who gives the distinct impression that every brown-skinned person with an accent is illegal and a criminal. Is it now open season to hate Hispanics?

From the provocative name of her meeting, "Gangs, Fraud and Sexual Predators: Struggling with the Consequences of Illegal Immigration," to Debra Conrad-Shrader's comments that "these 12 million illegals need to be deported," Rep. Foxx is creating what one would call a "hostile environment." Already, I have heard several first-hand stories of Hispanic people being verbally assaulted in public.

I have the distinct impression that on another day, the title of the aforementioned meeting might have replaced "Illegal Immigration" with "African Americans." My point being that the immigration debate is really about fear of people who are different than we are. Does anyone think this debate would go away if we stopped all illegal immigration and allowed several million Mexicans to legally immigrate to the U.S. each year?

A final note: Most of the strongest anti-immigrant language is coming from conservative Christians. Where in the New Testament is the Christian family-values position against helping poor neighbors found?


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