Saturday, June 26, 2004

Zell Went to Hell

Sen. Zell "I'm Not a Republican But I Play One on TV" Miller of Georgia has taken a high-profile speaker's slot at the Republican National Convention to continue bashing Democrats and slavering praise on El Presidente. Will we watch? No. Some car wrecks are just too painful to gaze upon.

But maybe the Dems need to line up Lee Iacocca to speak at the Democratic National Convention, since big-time businessman Iacocca, who supported George W. in 2000, has come out for Kerry. "Iacocca said he is changing sides because he was attracted to Kerry's economic plan, including his job creation proposals. He also said the presumptive Democratic nominee both understands change and will 'level' with the American people about how to adapt to that change."

We think Iacocca more than trumps the addled Miller.

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