Monday, June 14, 2004

A Good Day for Role Models

Tuned into Rush Limbaugh today, thinking we'd hear words of wisdom on the Sacred Institution of Marriage between one woman and one man, but as of 2:30 p.m., there had been nary a peep about it. Rush did have a good deal to say, however, about how amazingly NICE George W. Bush was to Bill Clinton today at the White House unveiling of portraits of both Bill and Hillary. (Apparently, any time El Presidente DOESN'T have a political enemy tortured these days is reason enough to marvel!) We happened to catch part of the White House ceremony on C-SPAN around 1 p.m., during a commercial break on Rush, and we heard Bill Clinton say that he hoped there would come a time when politics in America could get back to who was right and who was wrong on issues, instead of who was good and who was evil. The Secret Service visibly tensed up but did not swarm the former president and slam him to the parquet floor, so I guess they're getting positively moderate in the Bush administration.

And for those of you out there all too ready to hoot and holler at the pompous morality of Mr. Limbaugh, I caution you: apparently, the sacredness of marriage is seriously compromised when the woman in question was located on the Internet, or when the man in question is a right-wing talk-radio wind-bag with a drug problem. So give 'im a break!

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