Monday, June 28, 2004

There's Absolutely No Excuse for Shopping at Wal-Mart

If I hadn't already taken a solemn vow never again to pass through the portals into a Wal-Mart store, I'd swear off shopping there all over again just on the strength of a judge's decision to allow a record-large class-action lawsuit to proceed on behalf of Wal-Mart's unequally paid female workers.

Start adding it up: Wal-Mart found to be exploiting illegal immigrant workers, even to the point of locking them in their stores overnight to prevent theft; Wal-Mart attempts to circumvent local government in Englewood, Calif., through a ballot initiative which would have freed it from city development rules; Wal-Mart routinely buys politicians, drives its competition out of business, and bullies town governments; Wal-Mart dangles jobs jobs jobs as a lure and pays poverty-level wages to people held on the part-time leash and pays women less as a store policy.

Yeah, right, I need to be giving them my money!

It 'pears that a lot of people weren't giving them any business in June, as the corporation has lowered its own forecast for sales growth.

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