Sunday, June 06, 2004

Creepy Is as Creepy Does

Here is the verbatim text (thanks to Irmaly!) of the Vernon Robinson radio spot that is playing on our own local WXIT News Talk 1200 and which got pulled from WSJS in Winston-Salem (over the technicality that its last line was in Spanish):

JOVIAL: Vernon Robinson, conservative.

ROD STERLING: The aliens are here, but they didn't come in a spaceship. They came across our unguarded Mexican border by the millions.

CREEPY: Illegally.

ROD STERLING: They filled our criminal court rooms and invaded our schools. They sponge off the American taxpayer by clogging our welfare lines and our hospital emergency rooms. They've even taken over the DMV. These aliens commit heinous crimes against us like Maximiliano Esparza who raped a nun and strangled her with her own rosary.

CREEPY: Illegal.

ROD STERLING: They commit crimes, but won't commit to learn our language.

CREEPY: Illegal aliens.

ROD STERLING: You walk into a McDonald's restaurant to order a Big Mac and find to your horror that the employees don't speak English.

CREEPY: Illegals.

ROD STERLING: You may be in the heart of America, but you feel as though you are in ... the Twilight Zone.

JOVIAL: Vernon Robinson will secure our borders, cut off the welfare payments, and once and for all make English our official language. Press one for English? NO! Vote Vernon Robinson for English!

VERNON ROBINSON: I'm Vernon Robinson and I approve this mess...

SPANISH: Yo gringo, this episode of the Twilight Zone was paid for by Vernon Robinson for Congress [in Spanish].

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