Monday, December 29, 2003

Tofu Burgers Are Looking Better All the Time

The news this a.m. is that the single mad-cow carcass (that we know about) was sent out to eight western states as well as Guam and was sold and presumably consumed by unsuspecting citizens. And the government continues to say "Not to worry ... everything's fine ... it's all Canada's fault. And anyway, eating the meat won't hurt you."

But Canada is fighting back. Here's a brief passage from the article in the New York Times today:

"...On Saturday, officials in Washington said they believed the diseased animal had originated in a herd in Alberta, Canada. Canadian agriculture officials and cattle industry experts immediately said that was a premature reaction.

" 'America's Beef: Blame Canada," read a headline in The Toronto Sun Sunday, reflecting the mood of many Canadians.

"There are considerable discrepancies between the positions of American and Canadian officials on the investigation, including the age of the diseased animal and the reliability of methods used to trace the animal's origins...."

Deeper in the article comes this paragraph:

"...three days before that announcement [that the animal was definitively from a Canadian herd], American officials said that records on the diseased animal were terrible and that its birthplace might never be known...."

What do you wanna bet that somebody in the Bush Agriculture Department is lying through his/her teeth in an attempt to get the pressure off the American beef industry and to cover George Bush's ass?

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