Friday, December 19, 2003

Foxx Hunt II

Here's an interesting choice made by state Sen. Virginia Foxx:

Both UNC-Chapel Hill and Appalachian State University used the same book for its Freshman reading program in 2003 ... Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel & Dimed.

The book became the subject of a heated dispute in Chapel Hill, a dispute in which Foxx participated publicly. But she never let out a peep about the book being used at a college in her own district.

Foxx was one of a dozen or so Republican state legislators who spoke out against the use of Nickel & Dimed at Chapel Hill ... at a news conference organized by a group of conservative student activists.

Foxx was quoted at the time in the Raleigh News & Observer saying that "incoming freshmen should read one of the classics instead of the propaganda put forth in Nickel & Dimed."

One wonders whether she had actually read the book?

One wonders, if she felt so strongly about it at Chapel Hill, why didn't she pitch a fit about ASU using the same book?

One wonders, considering her own proudly hailed early life in poverty, how does she so callously dismiss journalistic advocacy for the hard lives of the working poor?

The hardness of her heart is no more remarkable than her highly selective outrage at the colleges who promote such "liberal bias."

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