Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Empty Bluster

When County Commissioner David Blust was running for office in 2002, he told the voters that he was just brimming over with fresh new ideas, especially for helping the elderly and the young in Watauga County: "I am anxious to offer other plans and proposals. I believe my ideas will work." On the Watauga swim complex, which has an unfixed leak and needs major work: "I have two ideas that I believe will work to get a better swim complex without more taxation on the people as a whole." [Both quotes, Watauga Democrat, 25 Oct. 2002]

But a full year after taking office, no one has heard ANY IDEAS put forth by Mr. Blust. Oh, except for his recent bright idea of passing a law to limit the time that political signs can stay up .... this legislative move suggested, evidently, to please State Senator Virginia Foxx, who has been plenty steamed at seeing all those signs for her (male) opponents start sprouting in Watauga as early as last Summer.

But, not to worry ... Idea Man David Blust to the rescue! We'll pass an ordinance!

Far from being the fountainhead of new, innovative thinking in county government, Blust can now take his honored place as the vanguard for new laws restricting the freedom of speech! (And carrying water for Virginia Foxx.)

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