Sunday, December 21, 2003

More Free Speech Slippage

We apologize for being behind-the-times on this Reuters report, published Thurs., Dec. 18th:

Amnesty International has called on Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for an independent inquiry into "police actions" that led to more than 200 arrests and dozens of injuries during protests of the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Miami on Nov. 20th.

Some 15,000 unionists, environmentalists, retirees, small farmers, anarchists, and civil rights activists took part in a peaceful demonstration on Nov. 20th that police dispersed by firing volleys of rubber bullets, pepper spray, and tear gas. Either in response, or as provocation, "a few protesters" threw rocks. In response, "phalanxes of riot police, backed by helicopters and armored cars, chased protesters through the city center."

Amnesty International said many were shot in the back with rubber bullets while running away, and "volunteer medics appear to have been targeted while helping the injured."

Why ... it's friggin' mornin' in America all over again!

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