Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Revenge for Doc & Merle.

Allen Trivette, one of the new County Commissioners elected last November, has apparently declared war on the "scenic" designation for Hwy 194. In what looks like a fit of pique over the recent designation of the Doc & Merle Watson Hwy as "scenic," Trivette seems bent on spite. This is a fine example of personal vendettas taking over the performance of public policy. And this from a Commissioner who wrote a Letter to the Editor a year ago (Watauga Democrat, 8 January 1003, p. 6A) calling for a "Year of Pride" in Watauga County ... "It's time to think about what we can do to maintain and enhance the quality of life in our communities." How exactly does de-designation of Hwy 194 between Boone and Todd "maintain and enhance the quality of life" in our communities? I'm sure Mr. Trivette has a ready answer for that, but will it make any more sense than when he called for ending dental insurance for county employees?

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