Friday, December 19, 2003

The Gagging of America

The Bush administration's attempt (totally successful, so far) to curtail the freedom of speech anywhere in George W.'s vicinity is a chilling indication of where we seem to be headed.

Do you know about "Free Speech Zones"? They're actually closer to "protester detention zones." Anyone wanting to disagree with the president, especially if it means holding up a sign that either Bush or the TV cameras might see, are actually rounded up and herded into cordoned off and guarded areas far away from presidential eyes. People who don't want to be rounded up and herded off are frequently arrested. There's a case in South Carolina right now where some poor schmo is being made an example of for holding up a sign during a presidential visit that said "No War For Oil."

But don't believe me. Believe the American Conservative magazine. Here's the most complete and detailed write-up I've seen so far of the history of this pernicious policy and its effects on our Constitutional liberties.

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