Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Was Ray Pickett Drunk and Rude at a Bourbon-Fueled Event in Kentucky?


Ray Pickett

Anderson Alerts very recently publicized an outraged comment on Reddit about a group of North Carolina legislators, including Watauga County Rep. Ray Pickett, who allegedly behaved very badly at a Louisville event celebrating Bourbon, "conservative business values," and the Kentucky Derby.

A Reddit user who identified as a bourbon distillery representative posted over last weekend that 33 North Carolina officials behaved poorly as guests at a recent event. “Their arrival was marked by loud, unruly conduct that disrupted other guests and tarnished the atmosphere we work hard to maintain,” wrote the Reddit user ItIsCroy. “What was perhaps most disturbing was their lack of accountability for their actions. Despite being extremely rude, disruptive, not tipping the bartenders and tour guides, and even VOMITING in our bathroom sinks, not a single apology was offered.”

Bryan Anderson identified Blowing Rock Rep. Ray Pickett as probably attending, but Pickett refused to comment to Anderson.

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