Friday, May 17, 2024

Canton Reclamation Project


Here's a thing: Smoky Mountain News reporter Cory Vaillancourt reported on Twitter late Tuesday afternoon that Spirtas Worldwide has signed an exclusive letter of intent to purchase the Pactiv Evergreen site in Canton, North Carolina, the much abused and lamented old paper mill that polluted the Pigeon River for decades but kept Canton alive.

Who or what is Spirtas Worldwide? From their website:

Spirtas is a nationally recognized and trusted partner for all types of commercial and industrial development projects involving the removal, redevelopment, remediation, recovery or renovation of a wide variety of man-made structures. Having completed more than 10,000 projects of all sizes and in most industries throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands, we have earned a reputation for high quality work, outstanding safety record, project management expertise and environmental stewardship. We develop custom solutions to the challenges presented by most facilities and help owners prepare their properties for reuse, including successful transfer of complex environmental liabilities.

In the Spirtas statement that Vaillancourt quoted, they said, "We recognize the site's importance to the local community. We've already met with Town of Canton officials and look forward to a smooth transition as we invest to support the region's economic development goals."

So it looks like Spirtas Wordwide is also taking on the Pactiv corporation's several legal liabilities, right? Which are multitude. I haven't found criticism of or controversy surrounding Spirtas's work yet, but I do see that they are fairly litigious.

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