Friday, May 31, 2024

Our Pitiable Destiny With Destin Hall


NC House Representative Destin Hall, who represents Caldwell County and a carved-out large precinct of Watauga, who is probably going to be the new Speaker of the House next year, who graduated from Wake Forest School of Law and is therefore as a practicing attorney in the NC mechanisms of justice an "officer of the court," had this to say on Twitter about what 12 citizens in New York, seven men and five women, decided in the criminal trial of a famous defendant who needs no introduction but who apparently needs over-the-top groveling by a young lawyer in North Carolina to satisfy his bloody-minded, low-information universe of adherents and useful idiots:

The NY show trial is something one would expect in third world dictatorships, not the greatest legal system in the world. 

The charges were based on a bogus Frankenstein legal theory, were brought by a left wing prosecutor who campaigned on going after Trump, with a trial that was presided over by a left wing judge who issued grossly unconstitutional rulings. 

The ultimate jury will be American voters. Through the ballot box, we must repudiate what happened to our legal system and our country today.

A man who makes his living with the law joins the wholly twisted project of denigrating the rule of law itself to satisfy the ego of one would-be dictator. This is the guy the Republicans will put in charge of running legislation in the NC House. We are so fum-buzzled.

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