Sunday, May 26, 2024

He'll Want to Tweet About That


Trump literally booed into oblivion, at the national Libertarian convention, May 25th


Wolf's Head said...

Trump showed a lot of guts going to the Libertarian Convention. It was good for him to get booed; it'll remind him he has to fight to win.

And where was FJB? If he had gone there it would have been the largest crowd he's had since he since running for president.

Red Hornet said...

IF Donald Trump is somehow acquitted at his hush money trial,
look for him driving a Dodge RAM Bighorn around South Carolina with Melania and a shotgun, looking for the Greatest gravel pit. And if that works out Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham will copycat with callboys replacing Melania. Lookout Old Hound Dog, because fellow MAGAs don't tolerate it when you "won't hunt right." It's an Ernst Rohm proposition.