Monday, May 06, 2024

Rep. Jake Johnson Has a New Plan for Public School Teachers


Justin Parmenter, a 7th grade language arts teacher in Charlotte whose Twitter feed is a daily must-read for me, published an editorial today in the News and Observer that takes a bite out of the youngest punk Republican in the General Assembly, Jake Johnson, for the bill he wrote that would force every public school teacher in the state to post online their lesson plans -- just the public school teachers, mind you, not the private school teachers whose private enterprises are getting lots more money in the form of vouchers and a free ride on accountability.

The purpose of Johnson's "punching down" on public school teachers appears to be nothing more than an attempt to "out" any "socialist indoctrination" going on in these here parts and thereby intimidate teachers and let them know that the state of North Carolina really has total contempt for what they do. No wonder, as Parmenter points out, the state is losing teachers at an alarming rate ("1 in 9 resigned last school year").

I wrote about Jake Johnson extensively when he was appointed to his seat in the NC House in 2019 to replace that other disgraced young punk Cody Henson, and I think the facts still stand:

Jake Johnson claimed that he went to college to get a degree in business administration but that Barack Obama in the White House was the straw that broke his business back. He switched to political science out of revenge for Obama and became an avowed partisan warrior against what America was becoming under a president who might have been -- probably was -- born in Kenya. I found on-line where he was scheduled to speak to the Asheville Tea Party back last January on the "steps we are going to have to take to get younger people into conservative politics." (I wish I'd heard that rap!)

Here's the passage in Johnson's biography that's almost forgotten: He says he served as "field director" for the successful congressional campaign of Mark Harris. That would be the Reverend Mark Harris, whose winning campaign against Democrat Dan McCready in November of 2018 was called back to be redone because of massive ballot fraud committed -- wait for it -- in the field operation.

This is the guy who now has a plan to drive even more public school teachers out of the profession. 

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