Friday, April 26, 2024

Sen. Tillis Clutches His Pearls


"She is dragging our brand down."

--Sen. Thom Tillis, about Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Oh please! Your "brand," Senator? You've already promised to support your party's nominee this November, which in this present case [checks notes] is Donald J.Trump. Trump has BRANDED you all, which includes you and Marjorie Taylor Greene and any number of other substantial lunatics including the current lunatics who are running to take over the state of North Carolina (Mark Robinson), its justice department (Dan Bishop), its school system (Michele Morrow), and protections for its labor force (Luke Farley). Farley ran in your branded Republican primary in March on the slogan "Let's make elevators great again!" because he promises to put his picture in every one of them should he win in November. 

If this were Texas, the branding iron for the Republican Party would be a curliqued Low T.

There have been moments during the last few months when Tillis showed encouraging signs of independence from the Trump brand, but like most cowed Republicans afraid of the rabble that's taken over their party, he'll fall in line come November, especially if the partisans on the US Supreme Court decide that Trump has limited immunity which will need to be argued and litigated past any chance that he'll be on trial before November.

I don't know what to tell you, Senator, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is not your problem.

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Great blog post! Well said!