Friday, December 29, 2023

What Happened in Federal Court in W-S Yesterday


A very full account at WRAL by Will Doran

Far as I can tell, from Doran's reporting and from Watauga eye-witnesses in the courtroom yesterday, Judge Thomas Schroeder -- in telling the opposing parties to "work something out in the next seven days" -- clearly doesn't want to issue an injunction against a Republican General Assembly while seeing very clearly that the new voter law, S 747, violated due process for same-day voters. (Explanation of how due process is potentially violated here.)


On the mail verification system, on Thursday the challengers pointed to a case in Watauga County — home to Appalachian State University and one of the 25 North Carolina counties that voted for Democratic President Joe Biden in 2020 — where more than two dozen voters in a recent election had their mail from the elections board returned as undeliverable. But in every single Watauga County case, Voto Latino attorney Aria Branch said, it turned out that the voters were legitimate and that their mail had been returned because of mistakes made by poll workers or postal service employees.

To not allow voters in 2024 to know that their ballots are being thrown out due to similar mistakes, she said, would be an injustice.


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