Thursday, December 07, 2023

Pat Harrigan Abandons His Moore Quest for a Surer Thing


Minutes after Patrick McHenry announced he would not be running for reelection to his 10th CD seat in Congress, Pat Harrigan, the very military man menacing Tim Moore's patented right to the 14th CD seat, which was created for him, announced that he was switching his campaign to the 10th and hiring McHenry's former campaign manager. Harrigan apparently has money. And maybe someone told him -- like McHenry? -- that Tim Moore can't be beat and he should pick another ripe plum instead.

Harrigan's Twitter feed.

Harrigan filed but not before another candidate, a nurse named Diana Jimison, got her name on the 10th CD ballot first. From appearances on her Facebook page, it appears that God is directing Jimison's campaign. She's a huge fan of Mark Robinson. For that matter, so is Pat Harrigan.

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