Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Some Filing Developments, Day Two


Surprises, pleasant or not, from the first 24 hours of candidate filing (facts gleaned by "Anderson Reports" on Substack:

Lora Cubbage

Democratic NC Supreme Court Justice Allison Riggs officially has a primary challenger in Lora Cubbage, who arrived very early [for filing] and was the first in line at the State Fairgrounds. After a slow start processing early arrivals, she was out the door shortly after 1 p.m.

Lora Cubbage was born and raised in Shenandoah, Va. After relocating to Greensboro, NC, she worked for 17 years as a barber before returning to school at the age of 29 at NC A&T. After earning her degree there, she went on to law school at UNC-Chapel Hill. She's served as an Assistant District Attorney in Guildford County, an Assistant Attorney General in Raleigh, as both a district court judge and (currently) a superior court judge in District 18A (Guilford County).

Chrelle Booker, mayor pro tem of the Town of Tryon and former U.S. Senate candidate (Dems primary of 2022), is again running for statewide office. This time, for governor.

Steve Moree
Republican Jeff Elmore (HD 94) is stepping down from this safe seat in Wilkes and Alexander to run for Lieutenant Governor. Democrat Steve Moree, a retired local educator of repute and the son of a Baptist pastor of repute, filed on the first day for the open seat. Steve Moree could be formidable (for a Democrat in that district, which is 74.4% Republican).

US Rep. Patrick McHenry of the 10th CD sez he's retiring. Gosh, seems like only yesterday he was the youngest member of the House -- i.e., 2004, same year Foxx got elected. Which means, he's still young. He's probably off to make a lot of money in the financial services industry (that's just a hunch, based on who he's been in charge of regulating as a congressman). His resignation letter contained some fine philosophy: "Through good and bad, during the highest of days and the lowest, and from proud to infamous times, the House is the venue for our nation’s disagreements bound up in hopes for a better tomorrow.”

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