Sunday, December 17, 2023

Virginia Foxx Gets a Primary



It often happens. Some wildcard no-name Republican gets a wild hair that Virginia Foxx is a g.d. "moderate," or worse, "an establishment Republican," and she has a primary forced upon her in which she buries the wildcard no-name. No one ever comes close. So why the effort?

This filing season, she gets Ryan Mayberry of Alexander County, an elected county commissioner and a builder, which puts him a few notches ahead of most of Madam Foxx's primary opponents. He's doing district GOP events too, which means he's campaigning (also rare for the breed that runs against Foxx). He recently attended and spoke at the Wilkes Co. GOP's Christmas Party.

On his Linked In page, Mayberry lists AppState for his education and mentions his 12 years as a county commissioner and his involvement with the Catawba Co. Land Use Development Board. Will look forward to learning his beef with the ineffable Foxx.

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