Saturday, July 15, 2023

Virginia Foxx Votes To Clamp Down on Medical Corporation Billing Practices


Virginia Foxx chaired the markup session for the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on four bipartisan bills that appear to clamp down on hospital corporations for "dishonest billing, opaque rules, and shady industry practices that have left patients paying higher costs for health care" (Foxx said in an opening statement). And she added this: "Today's passage of our bipartisan health care package makes great strides towards giving clarity to patients and building a health care system that is more transparent, affordable, and accessible." 

Those four bills easily passed the committee and now head to the full House floor.

A soft spot in her heart for her suffering constituents is sometimes no match for the soft spot in her heart for corporations with power. So this seems notable.


Wolf's Head said...

Give the Devil his, or her, due...

Red Hornet said...

Hello Sunshine; Hello Mountain Dew.

My Aunt Virg is a shill and a scourge,
But keeps grabbin'a dollar or two.
She thinks he's a giant when she sucks up to Trump,
Because democracy's almost through.

Well they call it that good old dark money.
And them that accept it are funny.
They'd swear on the Book, to save a damned crook.
Then deny that they ever knew.