Monday, July 17, 2023

New GOP Schools Bill Is Indeed "A Doozy"

A "monster" schools bill was introduced on July 12, S90, "Children's Laws Omnibus." Text of the bill is linked here, which also contains the official report from the Legislative Analysis Division about what the bill will allow/cause -- which will be plenty to make any flat-earther, pissed-off Moms for Liberty happy and further fuel their hobby of raising holy hell over silly stuff.

I mean, can you imagine? The bill was obviously written to tickle an itch against an entire public education system that has taught far too many youngsters to be tolerant of difference. This is a bill written for people who are angry about tolerance. S90 will unleash real chaos on an already shaken and squeezed school system.

The bill is framed by something dreamily called "the fundamental right to parent," defined in the bill as “the liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of the parent’s child.” "That’s dangerously vague," wrote the NandO Editorial Board, "and the ambiguity makes it far too easy for the bill to be weaponized by angry parents seeking to oust educators with whom they disagree."

A sampling of other features in S90 that the Legislative Analysis Division identified:

Section 5 would severely limit sex education, because it's always preferable to keep pubescence ignorant of its own condition.

Section 6 would put partisan parents in a position to censor library holdings and would require detailed -- and we do mean detailed -- syllabi, filed fresh at the beginning of every semester, of what any teacher would be saying about sex and safety in any class.

Section 8 would give parents explicit rights to ban their children from the library and the right to examine their records of borrowing books.

Sections 10 and 11 would give parents the right to sue schools and to get a superintendent fired. 

They should have called S90 "Weaponizing Ignorance." 

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