Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Medical Marijuana in NC -- Nowhere Again


It's just not in the Raleigh Republican DNA to want to help people out:

Legislation that would legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes in North Carolina is probably dead for the rest of this year’s General Assembly session, House Speaker Tim Moore said Tuesday, citing opposition by many fellow Republicans in his chamber.

A bill that would lay out the structure for patients with serious and life-ending illnesses to lawfully obtain cannabis and smoke or consume it passed the Senate by a wide margin over four months ago. But it has idled in the House ever since, save for a committee hearing on the measure in early June. (NandO)

Sen. Bill Rabon

Senator Bill Rabon has been pushing legalization for years, based on his own experience after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Smoking marijuana saved my life, he's told reporters, and when he smoked it at age 48, it shure nuff wasn't legal. Rabon, who's also the Republican chair of the Senate Rules Committee, actually played a little hardball, according to the reporting of the Associated Press:

Rabon, the marijuana bill’s chief sponsor, tacked a floor amendment onto an unrelated health care bill favored by the House that said it couldn’t become law unless his bill also became law.

Apparently, bluff didn't work. Even the most restrictive, begrudging medical marijuana law does not interest hardline Republicans in the House.

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