Friday, July 21, 2023

Virginia Foxx Doesn't Like Being Questioned


They were sparring over H.R.3941, the "Schools Not Shelters Act," "To prohibit the use of the facilities of a public elementary school, a public secondary school, or an institution of higher education to provide shelter for aliens who have not been admitted into the United States." The hearing shown here was before the House Rules Committee, as Foxx, as chair of the Education Committee, was trying to move the bill forward.

Joe Neguse of Colorado grills Foxx, reveals her hypocrisy, and exposes the Virginia Foxx we've all known for decades -- the dismissive, contemptuous, high-handed, and arrogant duchess who doesn't like being questioned. The milk of human kindness dried up in her long ago.

Her continuing cruelty to immigrants, considering her own economic history was built on the labor of immigrants, is just cringe-worthy.



Jerry, Virginia Foxx is constantly developing new ways to be cruel to immigrants and many other people. She is probably the most cruel member of Congress!

G Shook said...

Virginia Foxx is a wimpy minion of the Republicans……She represents MY district and I’m angry and appalled at her hypocrisy and total incompetence……guess who’s going to work like heck to encourage my
friends and neighbors to vote this joke OUT !!!!!!

Red Hornet said...

When Clarence Thomas spontaneously combusts Biden/Harris are considering nominating Madame Foxx. The SCOTUS is a lost cause anyway and it would prevent her re-election to the House in 2024. As a gesture to diversity there has never been a Vampire-Zombie on the Supreme Court before. Nobody besides the Undead are more competent to decide life or death matters.