Sunday, July 30, 2023

SUCH a Nose for Corruption -- By the Maven of Unintentional Irony


So the Madam went on Fox News to support Speaker Kevin McCarthy's threat to impeach President Biden. There is a “rot in this administration that goes all the way to the top, and we want to root it out,” she said.

Root it out. They sure are a rooting bunch all right, who by all outward appearances don't know from corruption in their own ranks, at the highest level.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx got herself right on up under Trump's armpit (figuratively speaking) on numerous occasions and never, apparently, caught a whiff of that man's particular degenerative morality -- ethical rot. The smell of Trump's disrespect for the law and for others has only gotten stronger in recent weeks, yet Foxx can't nose it out at all. 

But really, she has a lot of gall.

AP/Evan Vucci

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