Sunday, March 05, 2023

UPDATE: American Muckrakers v. Lauren Boebert


See this post from November 2022 for the timeline on American Muckrakers' defamation suit against Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert.

The lawsuit was filed in western North Carolina and a motion to dismiss by Boebert's NC lawyers was heard by Judge Gary Gavenus on November 28 in Watauga County Superior Court. Not until the end of January 2023 did Judge Gavenus rule, dismissing the suit against Boebert because it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction.

We learned last week from a source with knowledge of the events that American Muckrakers will be filing a new defamation suit in March in Colorado. Muckrakers have retained a defamation expert, Dan Ernst, as lead attorney. Here's Mr. Ernst's website.

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