Saturday, March 04, 2023

Rachel Hunt Has Announced Her Campaign for Lt. Gov.


Announcement came first on Twitter, on Wednesday. This news-break alert apparently went first to the press corps:

I started following Rachel Hunt's political trajectory in February 2018, when I profiled her first run for office, for the NC House Dist. 103, against incumbent Republican William "Bill" Brawley. She won narrowly. 

After being reelected in 2020, in 2022 she jumped from the NC House to the NC Senate, winning the seat in Dist. 42 (which of course overlaps NCH103).

She's clearly on the move. Next up: the race for lieutenant governor.

Since current Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson doesn't believe women should rule over men and since Rachel Hunt made such a point of the "damage" Robinson has done to the office, perhaps he'd prefer to keep his gender orthodoxy crusade alive by choosing to stay and run for reelection against Rachel Hunt, instead of taking on Josh Stein for governor.

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