Sunday, March 26, 2023

At Least Dale Folwell Seems Sane


Gary D. Robertson, for the AP:

North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell announced on Saturday he will run for governor in 2024, a bid that will likely require him besting Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to earn the Republican nomination.

Political prognosticators, and not a few smart-alecks, say the Republican primary for governor is already over, and Robinson won. I suspect that's true, but I have to applaud Folwell's willingness to offer a rational alternative to the irrational ravings of a man who gained his fame because he has a big, booming voice and uses it to preach hellfire 'n' brimstone against anything resembling progressive fairness.

When I learned this next bit about Folwell, it's been my go-to measure for his humanity and his potential for not being a complete conservative jerk in office:

In May 1999, Folwell's 7-year-old son Dalton died after being hit by a car as he tried to board a school bus. Following the accident, he and his wife allowed their son to be an organ donor. Since then, Folwell has been an advocate for organ donation, and in 2012 completed a motorcycle ride of all 48 contiguous United States for the cause.


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