Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Anderson Clayton to Mark Robinson: Get Your Nose Outta Women's Bidness!

Proving once again that contemporary Republican politicians have absolutely no self-awareness and zero appreciation for irony, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, in his response to Governor Cooper's "state of the state" speech last night, actually said these words: “If the Democrats have their way, they’ll pull us back into an era of government overreach, high taxes, and attacks on our personal freedoms."

To which Anderson Clayton, the new chair of the state Democratic Party, told WRAL, "It’s pretty rich for him to boast about North Carolina's ‘best in business’ status when his extreme policies are exactly the type of thing that would run business out of this state. It's also rich that he would talk about government overreach when he's made clear that he wants to get in the middle of women's health care decisions.”


Wolf's Head said...

I wonder how she would feel if she were told to 'Get your nose outta MEN'S business!"

It would be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm unclear about what "MEN'S business" she's put her nose into; after all, nobody's taking away your little blue pills. But if you believe that government is only MEN'S business, that's another matter entirely.

Wolf's Head said...


Look it up.

You lefties have NO sense of humor.