Thursday, March 30, 2023

By Being Absent, These Democrats Helped Override a Cooper Veto


Two Days Ago (March 28, 2023): Just a day after the school shooting in Nashville, every NC Senate Republican voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper's veto abolishing our state background check system for buying handguns, and since the Rs have a veto-proof majority in that chamber, it was a successful override vote.

Yesterday (March 29, 2023): Three Democratic members of the NC House abandoned the governor by just not showing up in the House. The Republicans only needed one Democratic absence. They got three.

Here's one result of that:

It's interesting that Wray, Brockman, and Cotham -- all three -- had been honored by House Speaker Tim Moore with plum committee roles. 

After the vote Brockman defended himself, claiming he was in an urgent care office, and Cotham issued a printed statement saying she was receiving hospital treatment for "long COVID," and adding that she would not have voted to override, had she been present. Wray had no comment.

Carolina Forward, which produced the graphic above, was not swayed by Cotham's excuse:

We are distressed and deeply sympathetic for the personal health issues @triciacotham is going through. If she is unable to perform her duties as an elected official, she should resign in favor of an appointee who can more effectively represent Mecklenburg.


Wolf's Head said...

Repeal of this Jim Crow law was supported by the North Carolina Sheriffs Association.

Anonymous said...

the loophole is that the law on background checks doesn't apply to gun shows. That loophole needs to close.

Anonymous said...

The bill will also allow the carrying of concealed weapons in church schools. This should help prevent a tragedy like Nashville from happening here.

Wolf's Head said...

"the loophole is that the law on background checks doesn't apply to gun shows. That loophole needs to close."

Background checks are required to be done by all licensed dealers, whether in their shops or at gun shows UNLESS the buyer has a current concealed carry license, in which case the law in NC does not require a NICS check as the Sheriff and the FBI have already vetted the buyer.