Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Other 2022 Primary Results


Watauga County

Cutlip came in last in the primary

 Watauga County turned away the retro challenge of "back to basics" school board candidates (the "end cultural pluralism" crowd). The primary could only eliminate one of 7 total candidates, but the lopsided vote suggests that none of the Trumpist insurgents are going to get anywhere come November. The three incumbent (and progressive) school board members were separated from the bottom four by a 900+ vote gap.

Incumbent Democratic County Commissioner Carrington Pertalion lost to challenger Angela Laws King. Thereby hangs a tale that might be told some other time.

In the Republican primary, incumbent state Senator Deanna Ballard carried her own county by over 70% against double-bunked Senator Ralph Hise of Spruce Pine, but Hise narrowly won the primary by a slim margin of 336 votes. Too bad.


US Senate Primaries

As expected, Cheri Beasley took the Democratic nomination for US Senate easily. And Ted Budd took the Republican race. His margin of victory was surprisingly wide, winning over 58% of the total vote and absolutely burying poor Pat McCrory -- who now represents an NCGOP that no longer exists. It's all Trump now and Trumpist bullying, so we'll have the general election we dread, between a gentle and judicious Black woman and an ungentle and injudicious gun store owner.

US Congressional Primaries

In the 4th CD, Democratic establishment candidate Valerie Foushee beat progressive darling Nida Allam, with Clay Aiken coming in a distant third.

In the 13th CD, state Senator Wiley Nickel absolutely demolished Sam Searcy to take the Democratic nomination, while Trump-endorsed district-shopper Bo Hines easily won the Republican primary with 32% of the vote in a crowded field.

State Senator Jeff Jackson is now the official Democratic nominee for the seat in CD14, not exactly a surprise win.

Some NC House and Senate Primaries of Note

Generally, looks like Democrats stuck with establishment incumbents for the most part, turning away insurgents even when they looked pretty interesting as new faces.

In NCH33, incumbent Rosa Gill sounded defeated newcomer Nate Blanton.

In NCH43, former incumbent Elmer Floyd came back to beat Kimberly Hardy, the woman who beat him last go around.

Surprise? In NCH50, Democratic star Matt Hughes did poorly against Black woman Renee Price. Wow.

In NCH56 (Chapel Hill), Allen Buansi narrowly won against fellow civil rights activist Jonah Garson.

In NCH74 (Forsyth), LatinX community activist Carla Catalan Day won over Asian-American Sean Lew.

In NCH112, Tricia Cotham beat a crowded field of fellow Democrats, with former Rep. Rodney Moore coming in dead last.

In NCS19, Kirk DeViere lost his reelection primary against Val Applewhite. This is the race that Governor Roy Cooper cashed in his (unwelcome) two cents, so we guess that high-level interference had an effect.

In NCS23, Graig Meyer, currently in the NC House, is moving on up to the Senate, easily beating Jamie DeMent Holcomb in the primary.

In NCS49, incumbent Julie Mayfield easily won against two challengers, taking 68% of the vote. The interesting Taylon Breeden of CDB cafe fame came in a very weak 3rd.

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