Monday, September 05, 2016

Wake County GOP Trying to Rally Republicans Against More Early Voting

Gosh. It's almost as though Early Voting revealed a character flaw in those voters who take advantage of it. According to the Wake County Republican Party, Early Voting is part of the moral decay of this nation.

The Wake GOP sent out a screaming email (lots of RED type) urging their loyal members to send comments to the NC State Board of Elections opposing more Early Voting. What were their excellent reasons?
1. The Democrat request will greatly increase the cost to taxpayers.
2. It has been proven that additional days and locations do NOT increase the number of voters who vote early.
3. This only creates additional opportunity for chaos.
I'm sort of surprised that the Watauga County tag-team of Eggers-Aceto haven't trotted out that first one, since their kind of Republican always knows the cost of everything (and the value of nothing).

The 2nd reason defies statistics (not to mention gravity). The popularity of Early Voting has steadily grown. That's a fact. It's expected to grow even more this fall. That's why the Executive Director of the State Board of Elections cautioned all the county boards to expect up to 56% of all votes this fall to be cast early.

But our favorite reason -- and cue the dark music of moral turpitude -- is the third. The "opportunity for chaos." By chaos, they mean "fraud," you bet! but they also mean the swirling of ungroomed and unwashed and unruly opinions that do not follow the neat channels of conservative dogma. All those people voting has always scared the high-caste Republican.

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