Monday, September 19, 2016

Gov. Squishy, Melting Under the Heat Lamp

"He’s so unsure of himself that he plants his own questions and runs from the media at a crucial time."
--Taylor Batten, Charlotte Observer, describing Gov. McCrory's cowardly performance at a Charlotte lunch event
What happened? This:

At a luncheon where he was supposed to take questions from the audience, Gov. McCrory instead insisted on written questions only, except that unbeknownst to the audience, his staff was slipping in their own pre-written softballs that McCrory wanted to answer. He got caught, too.

Taylor Batten of the Charlotte Observer stood up and tried to ask an actual unsanctioned question about HB2, but The Guv cut him off, saying that he'd already answered three questions from the Charlotte Observer. Only those three questions weren't from the Charlotte Observer. They were planted by The Guv himself.

"I think you guys dominate the news enough,” McCrory said to Batten, thus doubling down on the lie that the governor was being open and honest. McCrory had started off the Q and A with this: "Ask anything you like. No filter here.”

If McCrory wasn't totally pathetic, his dishonesty would be really funny.

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Anonymous said...

Written questions, huh? Now, why is that modus operandi familiar ? Oh, yes. That's how the Boone Chamber of Commerce and the town bosses operate when they want to filter unwanted questions.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, it's Charlotte's fault that Pat had to resort to asking his own questions. If Charlotte weren't asking questions, Pat wouldn't need to make up his own.

Anonymous said...

So Anon 11:32 -- Are you conflating the "Boone Chamber of Commerce" with the "town bosses?" I too have always greatly resented how "The Chamber" dominates and cherry picks questions at the candidate forums, basically filtering out most anything that doesn't address "business interests." I've submitted questions at every one, and never had one "make the cut" of the Chamber moderator. Of course, my questions were about planning policy, ETJ issues, infrastructure, budget, and education -- not "business issues." But to say that "town bosses" are also behind this seems to me a bridge too far. Last time I checked, 'town bosses' weren't at the top of "The Chamber's" sweethearts list, and the public can engage council during public comment at each Town Council meeting.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think I am referring to the "council" as being the "town bosses" ?