Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Republican County Commissioners Come Unglued

Stella Anderson, the lone Democrat on the Watauga Board of Elections (BOE), appeared before the County Commission last night and requested that Stacy C. Eggers IV ("Four") be relieved of his duty as counsel to the BOE and that another attorney be found to advise the board. Anderson's reasons included the thoroughly partisan nature of Four Eggers' involvement with the BOE and a pattern of misrepresentation or manipulation of election law for partisan Republican advantage.

The Republicans on the Commish starting yelling, particularly the two Republicans up for reelection, Perry Yates and David Blust. The bottom-line: These guys want everyone to know that they're perfectly happy with the activities of Four Eggers, and they intend to cling to him, even as the ship goes down.

Commissioner Perry Yates accused Anderson of impugning Four Eggers' reputation. I believe the Winston-Salem Journal, in a front-page investigation in 2013, beat Anderson to that punch. As did the revelation of emails between Four Eggers and then State Board of Elections member Paul Foley, which revealed the behind-the-scenes scheming and manipulation of the county attorney.

Commissioner David Blust was all righteous indignation: I have never tried to suppress the votes of anyone! But for the record, here he is, on video, telling AppState students directly that he did not think they had any right to vote in local elections, in which he was running at the time:

Since our county government intends to protect Four Eggers at all costs, it will take the voters to change county government, at which point Four Eggers will be history.


Pam Williamson said...

Last night David Blust said, "To the victor goes the spoils." Spoils obviously refers to the spoils of war, which apparently in this case means gold, an county enslaved by a County Attorney's corruption, and the voting rights of the people.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but has Eggers violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the NC state bar? There's a whole section on conflicts of interest and other areas that would likely apply to his behavior.

Anonymous said...

These arrogant assholes believe they are invincible.
We shall see, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

There are many lawyers and officials who are guilty of conflicts of interest.

'Nothing new. Par for the course. Both parties are guilty.

Deborah Greene said...

I believe that will will soon discover what the opinion of the State bar is. This has gone on entirely too long.

Anonymous said...

"There are many lawyers and officials who are guilty of conflicts of interest.
'Nothing new. Par for the course. Both parties are guilty."

Pat McCrory, is that you?

Anonymous said...

I've been so sickened by the county goings on -- tax reapportionment, slapping religious slogans on public buildings, moving polling places as far away from where people live and work as possible, open war on the franchise, marriage amendments from our local reps, war on the ETJ, etc etc -- that I can't summon the energy to comment right now. I watched that familiar video, and the only thing I could think of today was:

What a good man Steve Goss was.

Anonymous said...

Please Please Please get everyone out to vote. If the commission remains in the hands of Republicans, they will destroy this county - industrializing every possible nook and cranny.

Four Eggers seems in over his head. And he seems the advocate of the Watauga GOP, not Watauga County. Time for a change...