Monday, October 19, 2015

And Now ... Gov. Squishy Wades Into the UNC President Mess

That law that the Republican leaders in the General Assembly passed to force the University of North Carolina Board of Governors to produce publicly the names of three finalists for president of the UNC system ... that law is sitting unsigned on Governor Squishy's nicely polished and dust-free desk.

It almost seems deliberate, then, doesn't it, that Chair of the UNC Board of Governors John Fennebresque tried to sneak in just one candidate for president, Margaret Spellings, this past Friday, though it all exploded in his face. Fennebresque certainly knew that the General Assembly's meddling law wasn't in effect yet. The governor certainly looks like an enabler of Fennebresque's plan, doesn't he? The sly little minx!

Then Friday evening, about the time the BOG was breaking up its closed-door meeting with Margaret Spellings and fleeing for the exits before the press could ask any questions, McCrory had his spokesman announce that he doesn't like that meddling law passed by the General Assembly.

So he'll veto it, right? Not so fast there, Mr. & Mrs. Naive Citizen. Maybe he will. And maybe he won't. McCrory's spokesman said that his boss will wait and decide on October 30, which is the absolute drop dead last day he could possibly veto it. We don't call this man "Governor Squishy" for no reason!

Guess what! October 30th also happens to be the next meeting day for the UNC Board of Governors. Enabler, meet opportunity!

Edith Bunker: "It's amazing how coincidences always seem to happen at the same time!"

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