Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Baptist preacher Mark Walker of Greensboro easily beat Phil Berger Jr., the rising-star son of NC Senate Republican leader Phil Berger Sr., in the primary run-off for the NC-06 Congressional slot.

That was not supposed to happen.

Berger Junior had called Walker "unelectable" and "unfit to hold any office." Good to know. Walker will now face Democrat Laura Fjeld in November.

Democrat Josh Brannon won the primary run-off tonight in the 5th Congressional District, which was supposed to happen. He'll now be facing the Miss Manners of the U.S. Congress, who has over $2 million, cash on hand (and her hand is always out for more).


brotherdoc said...

A couple of my FB TP "friends" are absolutely ecstatic about Walker's win, not exactly sure why, but don't think it was seen as a slap at the elderBerger.

brotherdoc said...

Congratulations to Josh Brannon, an appealing candidate, smart, and a hard worker. I hope the 5th District Dems will now rally behind and work hard for him (not to mention chip in on his campaign). Outfoxx! BTW the 5th District Democrats seem to have 3 separate FB pages. Curious.

Anonymous said...

If citizens voted by message, and not by money, he'd win against The Madame - hands down.

Henery said...

Allen Johnson says that people in that district are sick of Berger Senior's too-much-power. I think it might signal that incumbents, even the relative of an incumbent, is going to have trouble this year. Go Josh Brannon! http://www.news-record.com/blogs/thinking_out_loud/article_09ec99ea-0c93-11e4-8480-0017a43b2370.html

Cyclops said...

You guys are tripping out to fantasy land over Josh Brannon. Rep Foxx wouldn't need to raise another cent to bury this guy in every 5th district county. He may come close in Watauga, but that's the only county he'll do much better than 40 percent.

You have a better chance against Walker in the 6th. But if it remains a GOP year, he'll probably squeak in.