Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trial Balloon?

NC Speaker of the House and candidate for U.S. Senate Thom Tillis is now saying that the budget impasse in Raleigh may deprive teachers of any raises at all.

Tillis is off raising money from the D.C. lobbyist crowd. So his bread is buttered.

Maybe what Tillis forecast -- no raise at all for teachers -- is just a hard clod thrown in Senate Republican leader Phil Berger's general direction.

Whatever raise teachers end up with -- if they end up with anything -- will be token, a sop to make up for years of abuse and neglect and outright hostility from Our Betters in Raleigh. May they choke on their campaign cash.


Anonymous said...

>May they choke on their campaign cash.

And the people said, "Amen!"

Anonymous said...

No matter how big of a teacher pay raise the General Assembly budgets for NC teachers, the radical left will vilify the GOP majority. There seems to be little doubt public school teachers will receive a substantially larger raise that other state employees, who are always the neglected stepchild of the Democrats.

It appears that many on the left would prefer no pay raises for public school teachers so they can berate the GOP in this fall's campaign.

May they choke on their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the GOP-controlled General Assembly has agreed on a seven percent teacher pay raise without ending any teaching assistant jobs. Funny thing, no mention yet of that here. Wonder why?

But the state wide teachers union is not being silent. One would think the union would applaud a seven percent rise for public school teachers. But no, the Union's VP Mark Jewell is quoted in the Raleigh N&O as saying he is "concerned how the legislature will pay for the raises."

Jewell went on to say that that he didn't want to see other social and university programs "sacrificed" so teachers can have a pay raise.

Wake up, public school teachers! The NC Association of Educators is more concerned with criticizing Republican legislators and promoting the Democrat Party than it is with supporting your pay raise, since it will be adopted by the GOP-led General Assembly.