Wednesday, July 23, 2014

McCrory Who Sits on Fence Has Stick Up His Ass

Governor Squishy said yesterday that it's too early for him to have an opinion on the newest bright idea in the General Assembly to cripple the ability of North Carolina cities to govern themselves.

The power-hungry martinets in the Republican Party tell Boone it can't govern its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and now wants to tell Charlotte, Raleigh, and other cities that it can't raise sales taxes to pay teachers or expand mass transit, never mind what the voters in those cities want.

Meanwhile, Gov. Squishy can't gin up an opinion?

"Guess what I've got in my hands!"

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Anonymous said...

I am relatively new to NC politics. NOTHING I have seen prepared me for the drama and corruption of the NCGOP. I know that they campaigned on a "reform" platform, but they really are very corrupt and morally bankrupt. Their sole focus seems to be the destruction of the state, and in exchange, some rich donors are NCGOP beneficiaries - for now…