Thursday, June 21, 2012

Southern Baptists: "Gay Rights" Are NOT Civil Rights

The Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in New Orleans, elected its first black president, proving that racial justice can eventually penetrate even the most fossilized doctrinal mind, and then the Convention turned right around and affirmed its belief that "gay rights" is not and cannot ever be the same as "civil rights." The new black president of the Convention apparently approved that formulation.


Anonymous said...

Hi JerryWayne,
You need to post the photos that the LGBT crowd made last week at the 1st ever Gay Pride event at the White House. Marine Band, wine and music while photos made flipping the bird under Reagan,s portrait.Such a nice group of well-behaved folks.Matthew Hart,Mark Segal and Zoa Strauss are such nice people and have such respect for our country.
Reporting on this event such be right up your line as these LGBT are such nice people.

Carrie said...

Hey BBJack,

You do realize that there is a difference between someone being rude and disrepsectful and denying someone rights correct?

Anonymous said...

Carrie: What rights are being denied? Believe me there is a difference between Gay Rights and Civil Rights. No ones rights are being denied.

Carrie said...


Do you think as SCOTUS has ruled before that people have a right to get married?