Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Next Failed Marriage Will Be His Fourth

Hal Crowther, one of the sharpest commentators we have in this doomed state of ours:
"...Debates about marriage are always stimulating, but for me the unifying theme here is bullying. It was unlucky for Mitt Romney when high school classmates unmasked him as a teenage bully—especially because his victim was targeted for looking effeminate. It was unfortunate because Romney will be the presidential candidate of a party where bullying is becoming the norm, and nowhere more crudely than in North Carolina. Bullying is picking on the easiest target in sight, whether that individual is small, weak, conspicuously different or highly unpopular. It's what all the nastiest cowards do with their aggressions...."


Anonymous said...

Jerry Wayne,
At least Mitt Romney did not screw around on his sick wife while she was battlling breast cancer and living with MS.See John Edwards. And Romney probably would not have a young hot intern give him a blow job off the Oval Office. But if one Hillary around, maybe Biil needed a to relieve the strain of having to look at her every morning.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel the same way about Obama bullyig the girl that he wrote about in his book?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how dare Edwards stop at one wife in the hospital! After all Newt managed it twice!

And Clinton having sex with girls? Maybe he should have taken a page from Mark Foley and gone after the boy pages instead?

Or perhaps Maybe widestance Craig and his airport adventures could offer some advice?

Anonymous said...

'Scuse me, but the breast cancer ex-wife was Newt's and the ex with MS is John McCain's. None of these guys are worth diddly, in my opinion.