Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sen. Soucek Finally Tells a Truth

From Anna Oakes' most recent update on Dan Soucek's Screw Over Boone Act of 2012, in the Watauga Democrat:
Soucek said, “There has been a developer who has been very, very loud.”
In the senator's individual case, that would have to qualify as the understatement of the month.

In Jeff Templeton's case, that would have to qualify as being forced involuntarily out of the shadows.

We also find unusually instructive the smug self-interest and screw-everybody-else casualness of Rep. Paul Stam of Apex, who said "he would not support eliminating the ETJ in his county of Wake nor statewide, but that he could support a bill doing such in the mountains...."

That Rules Committee meeting on Monday brings new meaning to the term "circle jerk."

And where, by the way, was Rep. Jonathan Jordan? Hiding behind the door?


Liberal POV said...

Dan Soucek has chosen to align himself with Phill Tempelton who is responsible for showing contempt for the Tree ordinances in Boone. nboone can force him to plant trees but he has chosen to make damn sure none ever really become stately trees by hiring untrained landscape companies to stand in the back of pickup trucks and cut them into bushes.

This was posted on the conservative site and I'm sure they will delete as they fear any real debate orcompetition of ideas.
Wolf said
"Remember when Lowe's building supply and the Wilco in Perkinsville were fined for OVERPRUNING THEIR OWN TREES?"

Trees know how to grow, someone who holds themselves out as professional landscapers should know you don't cut the central leader of a tree. The people who claim to be landscapers idea of tree pruning is the stand in the back of a pickup with a chainsaw on a stick and cut the tree into a bush. Trees reduce noise, reduce heat, reduce pollution, reduce dust and more fines should have been levied. If you are a professional act like a professional. The Tempeltons are the worst at being ignorant corporate citizens which make them very poor corporate citizens.

The next thing the fools will want to abolish is health inspection for food safety, restaurants, fire inspections, seat belts and traffic laws. They are already saying builders should be free to build homes without any oversite as it's up to the buyer to see through the sheet rock and surface dirt that it was built properly.
Republicans are instituting a new department of ingorances to compete with actual knowledge, facts and math. This is what they call fair andd balanced.

Anonymous said...

I vote for POV to head up the "Department of Ingorances)

Liberal POV said...


Insulting is not debating or competing with ideas.

Why do you think its a good idea to prevent trees from ever being trees in the town of Boone? Why is allowing unethical or honest but misinformed or untrained contractors to complete homes and comerical buildings with serious construction issues buiding inspector pickup on everyday to go uninspected? Why should highly trained, educated, ethical craftsman have to compete with shoddy and unethical contractors?

brotherdoc said...

Win the battle, lose the war?

Anonymous said...

And what door number should that be, Mr. O'Brien?

Room 101?

Maybe you should rename it 'The Ministry of Love'.

MG said...

How sad that you have all resorted to vitriol in regards to fellow citizens. I know this family personally and know them to be quite different than described. (and no I am not Jeff). I would suggest you get to know them before you trash them on this blog. I certainly hope none of you spreading this hate work in a commercial space that the Templeton's make available to small businesses. All this hatred filters down and which must make it hard for their children. Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...

MG, it may well be that Templeton is a nice guy one on one, with people he likes. You know what, most people are that way. And as far as I know no one on this board has suggested he's some unloving monster who's just out to get everyone else.

That being said, he is a man (and from a family) with a lot of money and power in this area and no matter what a good father/neighbor/friend he might be, it is obvious that he has tried to use his $$ and influence to get legislation passed that would benefit him personally. Whether there is some sense of revenge towards Boone mixed up in this, I don't know. But a man is judged by his actions and it's absolutely fair for those of us who will be directly and negatively affected by this bill to be angry and upset that he is using his influence to take away our rights as ETJ residents. If Templeton didn't want public scrutiny of his actions then maybe he shouldn't have tried to buy legislation.

MG said...

Do you have proof that he is behind all this as claimed? Something other than what has been said on this blog?

JD said...

I would like to get in on these comments. Buy legislation ... those are accusing words. Now give me the proof that Mr. Templeton bought legislation. Do you have that proof?

Another thought: People with the "means" give to the things they believe in. What is wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

MG - I think his presence in the meeting (along with Perry Yates & Nathan Miller) with town officials in which Soucek did NOT mention he was going to introduce this bill the next day, AND Soucek's own comment that 'one developer' had pushed for this legislation....reported in the Watauga Democrat, which leans as far right as one can lean without being pretty good proof.

MG said...

That is still speculation. First. Mr Templeton is one of many developers in the area. Second if I'm not mistaken doesnt he live in the ETJ which would give him a valid reason to be there. Third What has Jeff Templeton ever developed?

It would be nice to hear facts for once.