Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deborah Greene, Candidate

Deborah Greene, candidate for Watauga County School Board, came in fifth of seven candidates in the May 8th primary. She led the effort in Watauga County to pass the anti-gay amendment, and she lost that fight. Since then she’s been expanding her base thusly:

1. Attacking Appalachian State University students as “useful idiots” and “the little sheep” bleating “baah baah baah” as they vote. Greene has demanded that the state Board of Elections and the local Board of Elections shut down all future Early Voting sites on the ASU campus.

2. Attacking the Watauga County Republican Party: “What Republican Party? There isn’t one,” she wrote on the Watauga Conservative on Monday.

3. Attacking specific Republican Party candidates as non-conservatives, specifically Tommy Adams, who is running for County Commission and who evidently opposed Ms. Greene’s beloved “marriage amendment.”

4. Attacking the Town of Boone and its “goons,” by which she appears to mean the citizens who serve without pay on the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment. She has been the primary cheerleader for Sen. Dan Soucek’s disgraceful Senate Bill 949, The Big Developer Enablement Act of 2012.

5. Insulting the residents of Roby Greene Road as selfish “urbanites” for fighting the location of an asphalt plant in their neighborhood

Ms. Greene’s most recent postings on Watauga Conservative reveal that she sees the 2012 elections as a holy war by “the rural people” against ... well ... pretty much everyone else. It’s a somewhat strange electoral strategy on her part to seek an elected office by self-consciously narrowing her voter base. (Note on Deborah Greene's blog activity: She regularly posts under a variety of screen names and may well be the majority poster on Watauga Conservative.)

She’s announced, for example, that “Allen Trivette's 194 Tire is the Meat Camp headquarters for conservative candidates only (others not welcome)”  (Watauga Conservative, June 11). OTHERS NOT WELCOME could be Deborah Greene’s candidate slogan. We expect to see it on yard signs any day now.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I have been a customer of Allens for as long as I have lived in Meat Camp. I am honestly offended that he apparently does not want my business because I am not considered conservative enough.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone left that takes her seriously? Even the Tea Party distances themselves from her.

amjp said...

Funny! Alan never turned us away when we wanted new tires.

Anonymous said...

Subtotal, Farming Subsidies in Watauga County, North Carolina, 1995-2010
Subsidy Recipients 1 to 20 of 1,336

Recipients of Subtotal, Farming Subsidies from farms in Watauga County, North Carolina totaled $1,637,000 in from 1995-2010.
Rank Recipient
(* ownership information available) Location Subtotal, Farming Subsidies
1 Edward W Greene Boone, NC 28607 $89,048

Rank Recipient
(* ownership information available) Location Subtotal, Farming Subsidies
1 Edward W Greene Boone, NC 28607 $20,017,NorthCarolina

Anonymous said...

Crop Summary for Edward W Greene
Crop Payments 1995-2010
Tobacco Subsidies $79,922
Livestock Subsidies $26,172
Corn Subsidies** $5,505

Edward W Greene received payments totaling $136,188 from 1995 through 2010

Anonymous said...

That can't be our Deborah Greene's husband. She is a CONSERVATIVE and everyone knows conservatives are against government subsidies. S

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that people do not stop doing business with Allen Trivette bssed solely on what one idiotic individual has said.

At least, give Allen enough benefit of the doubt to give him a call and ask him if he endorses what she has said. He may want only conservatives in his shop - but I doubt that very seriously.

Please be aware that Allen is a good guy, a man who will help others wherever he can and doesn't deserve to lose business because of what someone else claims is his position. He may be conservative, but I don't think he feels that people with different views are "not welcome".

brotherdoc said...

I remember the "No Pat No Sue" signs that the GOPers put up around the county, sponsored by, perhaps even painted in, Trivette's tire store in his bid for commissioner. It worked then. He lost my business at that point (doubt he noticed). I sometimes wonder if "the rural people" can read, but when you see the election results you know they can read, they just read only what they want to. As for Greenes' farm subsidies, they are perfectly legal, and come to less than $10,000 a year on average. The Farm Lobby is powerful and bipartisan, costing the nation billion$ every year, much of which flows into already-rich Agribusiness' pockets (although food stamps for the poor are also included in the Farm Bill just to sweeten the pot so liberals will support it). When was the last time you heard ANY candidate campaigning on cutting farm subsidies (maybe Ron Paul, don't know his views on this point).

Anonymous said...

9:31 A

What, she is the tea party, along with Blust and friends...

Republican party in Watauga is the Tea party, same people.

Anonymous said...

I also remember the bumper stickers Allen had printed and passed around that suggested Pam Williamson literally should be run out of town because he disagreed with her politics.

Anonymous said...

I don't hold it against any business owner that he or she may have a political position. If you choose to do business with only those people who share your political views, well then that is your right.

My problem here is that you have an individual (Deborah Green) who is claiming that a business owner does not welcome customers who don't share his politics. I know Allen and I don't think that is true. I hate to see anyones business hurt because of false statements by someone. If Allen feels that way, I would like to hear it from him.

Anonymous said...

Greene is not a Republican. She still has some friends among the Republicans, but not many.

johnbyjohn said...

Well, it may be a business's right to only work with people who share a certain political agenda, but it sure isn't a very smart idea. For one thing, how do you tell what someone's political beliefs are? You can't tell by looking! Besides, no matter which side you're on, you automatically alienate half of your potential customers. Not a smart thing to do!

Deborah Greene said...

I must say, you have gotten it absolutely correct - conservative and proud of it! Stands for something and proud of it! Has conviction and proud of it! I'm a Bible toting, God fearing, red blooded conservative who loves her country and the God given right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I'm a defender of the US Constitution and the Republic it formed. I'm a defender of the NC Constitution. I am not a sheep being led to the edge of the cliff; and, contrary to Commissioner Deal's Democrat Party-wide email last fall, I am not an "ultra-extremist".

I am totally against Socialism, Communalism, Fascism or Communism!

And, I am tired of this idea of voting for the lesser of two evils. I am through rewarding the failed two party system that has become so blended at times you can't make a distinction. There it is, take it or leave it!

One correction for you:
"Tobacco buyout" not "subsidy"! The government bought out the subsidy program with the buyout money. The subsidy was in the supply control which controlled the price. Anyone who grew tobacco in the state of NC was part of the "subsidy" whether you liked it or not! We can actually thank President Clinton for bringing that to an end. They sued the tobacco companies, put the money in a trust fund and bought out the program.

Keep campaigning for me; you are doing an awesome job!

Deborah Greene said...

I was not talking about Allen's business. I was talking about conservative headquarters.

Deborah Greene said...

That is right, Deborah Greene is not a Republican. Deborah Greene is registered unaffiliated. Deborah Greene has many friends who are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, non-registered and Unaffiliated.

Deborah Greene has very few "friends", by my definition, in the Republican Party leadership. However, Commissioner Jim Deal says he has a lot.

It appears JW and Pam may have a new found friend in Tommy Adams. Likely, since Tommy Adams blends so well with the thinking of their favorite son, Billy Kennedy. They can rest assured that neither of them will get my vote. I wrestled with whether it was better to have a candidate, Billy Kennedy, who was open about what he stood for, like it or not or a candidate, Tommy Adams, who put himself out as one thing and stood for something different under a pen name? I could definitely rule out the latter; the wind needs to be taken out of the sails. And, I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils so, that means Billy Kennedy doesn't get my vote either. And, that is ok. The Republican Party delivered another mediocre candidate; nothing new.

Deborah Greene said...

Someone said I forgot to add that I like hunting and can shoot a groundhog graveyard dead from 300 yards. I am a gun rights advocate!

Deborah Greene said...

You guys got my curiosity up so I went back and looked at my husbands' farm returns and so far I can only find "tobacco transition payments" and 1 other payment labeled "crop disaster" according to the 1099-G forms all reported as taxable income on farm return And, it looks like that "crop disaster" was tobacco, possibly blue mold because we also had income from the "farm insurance" policy for blue mold, all of which was reported as taxable income.

I am sure the details of all of this at the local USDA office.

Anonymous said...

When I was in business I am fairly certain that none of my customers had any idea what my political views were. It doesn't make sense to alienate any potential customer because of a difference of opinion on politics.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you want to call it, when you have your hand out for government money, you look like a hypocrite bitching about liberals and big government.

Mike D. said...

"I'm a defender of the US Constitution." - Deborah Greene

From A Watauga Conservative:

"I believe that Gid(sic) is in control of all and I will vote for his law as the supreme law when the opportunity arises." - Deborah Greene

Debbie 'Taliban' Greene, you are a dangerous individual. That's what you are. You are a theocrat, and not only are you not "a defender of the US Constitution", you openly proclaim that you seek to violate it and institute a Christian version of Sharia Law "when the opportunity arises". You are a sick individual, an extremist in the purest sense of the word, perhaps even a sociopath, and I sincerely hope you continue to alienate all but the most extreme theocrats. Maybe you can open a training camp in Spindale or something.

Anonymous said...

MikeD, you are as big a liar as LPOV is on the other blog. Both of you said you would not post any more. Because of that why should anyone believe anything you say>

Jesse Steele said...

Damn Mike beat me to it....

I'll just chip in with this one then Debbie.

If you're so serious about defending the constitution, then how do you feel about the Republican party putting in their state platform that they don't consider gay people the same as the rest of us.

What part of equal protection under the law for all do you not understand? Oh right, the bible keeps telling us how bad the gays are.

Keep that sharia law coming. Every time you open your mouth you just keep proving what a fool you are.

Moose said...

Wow.... it's good to see you, Mike D. I hope you'll post from time to time. Did you get tired of being bullied as a "liberal" on the other site? Now you know how we feel all the time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you lost. Get over it as you liberals told conservatives prior to 2010.

Anonymous said...

We should all be grateful for Debby Greene and encourage her to post more often. She has probably done more to help local Democrats than almost anyone else! We wouldn't have won the Amendment One vote in Watauga if it weren't for her!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Anon 9:17AM. You would not have barely squeaked by in Watauga County regarding the Marriage Amendment, if the town and ASU had not had all those voting sites open for several days, even weeks, and most within walking distance. Plus, the town and ASU had one-stop voting for their added convenience and advantage.

The rural districts had just one site per district and one day to vote, and they came within ~1.6% of overriding the town and ASU vote advantage.

And Deb Greene played a big part in getting out the rural area vote FOR the Marriage Amendment despite those considerable and unfair voting advantages for the town and ASU.

You can thank the Democrat Party controlled state and local BOE for those lopsided advantages which gave you your squeaky win.

Anonymous said...

We are not grateful for bigotry, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord this poor little us we only had one day to vote lie again?

So it was also ASU's fault I imagine that your lord and savior Deb...Jesus...didn't get out the votes for her in the school board either? And the only place where she won was Meat Camp? (pity she didn't come in last)

There was not a magical liberal force field around the town of Boone that stopped the rural folks from making time to come to Boone and using the early voting sites the same way everyone else in town did.

So if you didn't make time to vote before then that was your problem Anon and not the fault of Boone or ASU.

You can now go back to your misguided belief about how the town of Boone is repressing you, destroying every tree on 321 to make a wider path for the liberal sheep coming to destroy the morals of us all, and clubbing baby seals to feed to ASU's staff.

Anonymous said...

We will have to disagree on that "anonymous". I large part of the anti amendment turnout in this county was a backlash against the deborah green "I speak for God" campaign. And of course, your contributions under your own name and under your various anonymous postings certainly motivated many of us who otherwise might not have, to get out and vote.

Please both of you, keep posting here and telling us who you think God wants us to vote for, and to let us know which local businesses say we are 'not welcome' and , most of all, which republicans you hate this week. If you get a chance, you might even throw in a word or two about Jim Deal.

One small favor, could you start using the name "echononymous" or something similar to help differentiate yourself from all the other anonymous posters?

Anonymous said...

Deb and "anon". Please share with us your opinions of Reublicans Tommy Adams, Vince Gable and Nathan Miller. There might be one or two of us here who are considering voting for them. Jim Deal isn't running of course, but if you want to throw in a few gratuitous remarks about him and the high school, that would be fine.

and, as I am sure you know, God wants you to keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Per the "one stop voting in town isn't fair to rural folks" a rural folk who voted against Amendment One during early voting at the courthouse, I can clearly say that's hogwash. And as someone who has actually washed hogs at my uncle's farm, I know how filthy hogwashing water can be.

Deborah Greene said...

May opinion. Tommy Adams is young, educated by and immersed most of his life in a liberal environment. He can't get his hands around conservative values as much as he seems to want to because the indoctrination of his youth gets in the way. There is some difference in Tommy Adams and his opponent Billy Kennedy; but, not much. Tommy Adams thinks he can ride the fence and please everyone. He doesn't have conviction.

Vince Gable is a nice guy. He is one of those people we elected with high aspirations ; however, he hasn't got a strong enough conservative foundation to question the obvious and appears to be easily led astray with a slight pat on the back. His biggest weakness is that he has let the power of his office go to his head.

Nathan Miller is a mixed bag. The lawyer in him gets in the way of common sense. Again, he is young and his conservative values are in conflict with the liberal indoctrination. His weakness is not recognizing that what is legal is not always ethical. This indicates that he too has let the power of the position take control.

I have some news to share. Nathan Miller has made it known that he will seek reelection in 2014. This is good news because this blog has taken my prior commitment to run in place of Nathan Miller for Board of Commissioner in 2014 and my subsequent decision to run for board of education as "using the board of education as a stepping stone". I, Deborah Greene, am willing, as long as the people desire, to remain as a member of the board of education. I realize that the thought of Deborah Greene on the board of education to the LEFT is much more inconvenient than Deborah Greene on the board of commissioners. It is widely known that the LEFT is very "eager to isolate, attack, and demolish anyone who resists their agenda." My decision to run in 2014 for board of commissioner didn't meet with the vitriol and venomous attacks of the LEFT; however, my decision to run for the board of education has. I realize that the LEFT knows that I am equipped with the conservative values and tenacity to do more to help turn around their agenda on the board of education than on the board of commissioners. The LEFT has a really nasty side. This is never more evident than on the Watauga Watch. I am more than willing to join with other conservatives like Jonathan Jordan and Dan Soucek who stand up to protect our Republic and come under the vicious, venomous and vitriol attacks of the WATCH. Count me in.

Anonagain said...

What I don't get is how she keeps talking about "the rural people" as if they're some monolithic group that all think and vote the same way. Guess what? There are conservative, moderate, AND liberal "rural people," Deb! I'm as rural as they come: grew up in the country about 20 miles from the nearest town, and I'm as liberal as can be! Don't assume that you speak for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, was voting at the courthouse as convenient for you as would have been your regular polling place? It isn't for me.

The point is that early voting favors municipal residents.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Green is available to "remain as a member of the board of education"? Remain? You are joking, right? First you have to be ELECTED (unlikely) and only then do you get to REMAIN.

And make no mistake, we all want you to run for the county commission in 2014. Not only will it be something funny to watch but you just might take enough votes away from Miller to let someone qualified win!

"Remain"! LMAO!

J.W. Williamson said...

Let me be perfectly clear: Based on your record, I think you are unfit to hold ANY public office, and I have said as much.

As far as "nastiness" is concerned, few could rise to your level in that department. What you've said and written about Jim Deal alone could be used to strip furniture.

You can play the martyr for other people and perhaps successfully, but not here.

Anonymous said...

Interesting opinion, j.W. I would say that Deborah Greene is ten times as fit as you to hold office.

Dem12 said...

Congratulations, Deb. Your SHIFT key apparently works! Oooh,the scary "left" again? Lemme tell ya, you are just as good at throwing out the nastiness and viciousness as anyone on the "left."

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Mrs Greene, What bard of ed are you referring to in this statement ?

I, Deborah Greene, am willing, as long as the people desire, to remain as a member of the board of education

Thanks for your explanation