Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Republican Is Running Against the Republican State Budget

Republican Christy Jones, a Davidson County elementary school teacher, is blasting the budget passed by the new Republican majority in the General Assembly in her primary run against incumbent Republican Jerry Dockham in state House Dist. 80.


Her issues statements on her website identify her as a dangerous Republican moderate, particularly on the topic of funding for education. She apparently didn't get the Thom Tillis memo with the talking points: "We didn't cut education spending, no nevah!" But since she's actually in touch with the reality that public education is being reduced to something that can be easily drowned in a bathtub, we must make allowances for her insubordination.

We wish her luck, but we fear the Davidson Tea Party will want to deal with her in their inimitable way.


Syd said...

They will eat her alive.

Anonymous said...

damn, she is sexy. for once I wish I could vote in a GOP primary.

Anonymous said...

she is also self serving. Goodbye to her in the primary.