Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soucek&Jordan's Enduring Legacy

Senator Dan Soucek was one of the chief sponsors of the original Senate bill that will write official discrimination against gay people into the state's constitution. Soucek's name has disappeared from the newest iteration of that proposed amendment, and Soucek himself has been invisible, as various members of the Republican Clown College have been out publicly warning the Brethren about The Gay Menace. It's almost as though Soucek has enough sense of be embarrassed.

Yesterday, our House rep down there in the Clown College, Jonathan Jordan, voted for the proposed amendment. Soucek will do the same today (or maybe tomorrow, if they don't have the 30 votes they need today) because he cannot go against his effing party. Hasn't the courage.

Soucek and Jordan ... profiles in bigotry!

Here's how an editorial in this a.m.'s News&Observer sums up the mendaciousness:
This is a misguided cause, mean and vindictive and discriminatory, motivated by a cold-blooded extremism. At a time when Republicans should be trying to prove themselves as leaders, they are doing just the opposite.


retired educator said...

It's amazing how often those whom are the most anti-gay are so often found out to be closet queers.

ajenn said...

I would like for someone to please explain to me how this amendment to our constitution would defend the sanctity of my marriage? How does this Bill protect my marriage? Should the NC legislators now be banning alcohol use, internet porn and other "vices",.because I can damn well guarantee that heterosexual behavior has done more harm to marriages than the gay people around the corner.

Wonder if Dan Soucek watches Tiger Woods play golf?,..

Liberal POV said...

retired educator

No better place for a closet gay to hide than the Republican party of a fundamentalist Church, most often they shout anti gay bigotry the loudest.

Those with the most fear and hate of homosexuals are those uncertain of their own sexuality.

Opinionated said...

If gay marriage is a threat to MY marriage....I have a bigger problem than anything the legislature can "fix"!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your problem.

Is this really the place to talk about it?

Anonymous said...

JW, altho' I doubt if you will post this, but what about your very obvious bigotry towards Christians?

Also, what about your bigotry towards most local people?

Anonymous said...

Abstaining won't reduce his culpability in my eyes. I really hope it is the same for everyone else outraged by this amendment proposition.

Liberal POV said...


"JW, altho' I doubt if you will post this, but what about your very obvious bigotry towards Christians?"

I won't speak for JW but I will express my opinion.

The conservative movement has for years used fundamentalist Christianity as a wedge to protect the interest of America's wealthy often at the expense of the most vocal Christian supporters.

We've had TV preachers like Jerry Falwell who would make the most outrageous comments as they increased the money flowing to his ministry.

This lesson was soon learned by other fundamentalist preachers even on a local level.

Hate from the pulpit became the message in many churches across America. The target of this message were gay people, young women faced with an unwanted pregnancy, Muslims, liberals then Democrats but never the rich and powerful.
The same fundamentalist ministers remained silent as conservative radio, unethical politicians, conservative blogs and Fox News waged a demonizing campaign against fellow Christians who were in America, some for 30 to 40 years without legal status. The conservative movement used their lack of political and financial power to make the undocumented residents the scapegoats for problems caused by failed political decisions and Wall Street and corporate greed.

Many of our local ministers and Congresswoman Foxx were at the head of the pack. Dan Soucek's latest hate mongers is just more of the same diversion.

stinky mcghee said...

Did Soucek ever vote? I was surprised to see him in town today.

Anonymous said...

Lib: I was not speaking of any specific sect of Christianity or minister or mainstream media corporation or politician.

I was addressing JW and his many bigoted, condescending, and disrespectful statements and posts over the years regarding Christians in general, and specifically, his denigrating remarks about many local people.

rch said...

North Carolina was just rated as the 10th poorest state in the country and what is the state government doing to fix the problem. They are more concerned about amending the state constitution against same sex marriage.

Anonymous said...

rch, it is going to take some time to recover from decades of detrimental rule by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Funny, we're trying to recover from the GOP debt racked up by George nationally...oh...and it's the law of the land that our state has a balanced budget so I'm not sure what "recovering" your talking about.

Conservatives like yourself refuse to open their eyes to anything but Fox news. Get educated before you come around correcting others.

Real Christians aren't the problem, it's the holy rolling, false prophets that spew hate like this that are the problem.