Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Hurricane Committee That Ron Paul Can Be Proud Of

Ron Paul, that madcap fella who seems to be channeling the crazy perfesser character from the "Back to the Future" movies, doubled down last night on his call to abolish FEMA. Just let good ole ordinary red-blooded American folks who've been flattened by a hurricane get up out of the debris and start cleaning up things themselves. Snap to it, your sluggards who've become dependent on government!

As if to advance that philosophy, the much-touted "Hurricane Irene Committee," appointed in the NC General Assembly by Republican Senate Pres. Pro-Tem Phil Berger last week, has announced that it will accomplish Ron Paul's dream ... precisely nothing.

According to Under the Dome, Republican Sen. Pete Brunstetter, the co-chairman of the committee, said "it isn’t likely the committee will propose any Irene-related legislation next week. He said there might be a organizational meeting."

"Might be," but don't count on it.

You people down east just need to get your own microwave out of the elm tree.


Anonymous said...

Since all those Republicans don't believe government should do anything, why should we pay their salaries? They are not DOING anything!

hillbilly said...

some of the highest paid members of "the world's oldest profession" w/ apologies to the real ladies who actually work.