Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We knew that Lynndie England didn't think this wretched stuff up on her own. We knew it all along. Now there's proof that the author was Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld is currently sipping juleps on his plantation on the Maryland eastern shore. England was sentenced to three years in a military prison and a dishonorable discharge.

Also prosecuted at Abu Ghraib for carrying out Mr. Rumsfeld's 15 "techniques" of interrogation were Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick, Specialist Charles Graner, Sergeant Javal Davis, Specialist Megan Ambuhl, Specialist Sabrina Harman, and Private Jeremy Sivits. They didn't know who the author of the 15 approved techniques were. They didn't know that the policy had circulated first to Guantánamo and then to Afghanistan and finally through an interrogation officer at the Abu Ghraib prison. Somewhere along the line, an enterprising officer had removed the Rumsfeld letterhead, his "fingerprints."

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