Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mayor and the Republican Brand

The Republican mayor of Hendersonville, Greg Newman, who recently heard both N.C. senators speak in his city, thinks the Republican Party is being too negative: "The Republican brand must remain positive, Newman said, adding the party must give reasonable alternatives to Democratic policies.

"I believe Americans will still look to the Republican Party to champion values," he said.

Right now, Mr. Mayor, we're watching the Republican Party champion torture in every media outlet, on every TV channel, on every Republican blog. Not only defend torture but actually advocate for ignorance. Peggy Noonan's "some of life has to be mysterious" attitude would fit well into the platform of the Know Nothing party of the 1840s.

Dick Cheney has handed the Republican Party shovels and commanded that they keep digging. Amazingly, they're following orders.

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