Monday, April 13, 2009

No, the Other ASU

Thanks to Bro Doc for pointing us to this item about Arizona State University's decision not to award President Obama an honorary degree when he speaks at the university's commencement ceremonies next month, because "his body of work is yet to come."

According to an editorial which promptly appeared in the East Valley Tribune, a local Phoenix paper, ASU has a curious mote in its eye about the unworthiness of the president, since the university felt obliged to give Barry Goldwater his honorary degree in May 1961, "three years before his Republican nomination for president and only eight years into his three decades as a U.S. senator. Sandra Day O'Connor was similarly recognized just three years into her 25 years on the U.S. Supreme Court."

Not that ANY honorary degree from ANY of our high-falutin' institutions of academia will get you a discount on a quadruple skinny latte in any coffee house in the land. Apparently, it's the principle of the thing.

At least the Guardians of Honor Worthiness at ASU did not deem the president unfit to be around children, unlike the Mount Airy Times in its assessment of Madam Virginia Foxx.

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