Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"A Young Jesse Helms" Takes the Opportunity

There we were, practicing what our Mama taught us ... never to speak ill of the dead (i.e., Jerry Falwell) ... when along comes Nathan Tabor (pictured left) who sends out today via e-mail some really cringe-inducing ill-speak about the Rev., namely this--
When I ran for Congress in 2004, he [Falwell] publicly endorsed me as "a young Jesse Helms." As a newcomer to the political scene, his public support was more than I could have hoped for. During the campaign, Jerry Falwell took me under his wing, introducing me to potential supporters and speaking on my behalf to fellow pastors. Far more valuable, however, was the friendship Dr. Falwell offered me. His wisdom and insight lent some sanity in the midst of the turbulent campaign. I vividly recall sitting in his office, as he placed his hands on my shoulders and those of my wife, praying that God would let His will be done in our lives.
Maybe we needed to know that. Maybe we needed to know that the reverend who blamed 9/11 on homos, who outed Tinky Winky, who tried to put voting for Republicans into the Sermon on the Mount, that this same reverend laid hands on Nathan Tabor as the last best hope for Jesse Helms-ism in North Carolina.

But what did Jerry Falwell know? "His will be done" gave us rather the manifest blessings of Madam Foxx.


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